A New Endeavor…Take Two!

Connie Nolan, MSW, LCSW

Connie Nolan, MSW, LCSW

 Since my last post about this topic, I have surprised myself with accomplishments.   As stated earlier, I am not a programmer and do not have one technical bone in my body.  It took me hours--too numerous to count--to figure out how to place my picture along side each post.....but I did it!  It took me days to figure out how to place social icons below each post for the readers' convenience....but I did it.  And it is taking me weeks to figure out how to provide a form so that readers can be contacted when new posts are published....but hang in there with me....I will figure that one out too...eventually. 

I failed my way to success. Thomas Edison

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About Connie

Connie Slagle Nolan is a Clinical Social Worker who has worked with thousands of individuals and couples on their life journey. She currently has authored a book called "The Amazing Journey of a Relationship" which shares what she learned during her own marital struggles and continues to use in her counseling strategies for others.
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