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Connie Slagle Nolan is a Clinical Social Worker who has worked with thousands of individuals and couples on their life journey. She currently has authored a book called "The Amazing Journey of a Relationship" which shares what she learned during her own marital struggles and continues to use in her counseling strategies for others.

Independence Day–2014


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What is Character?


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A Talk About Death and Dying

Growing up in a small town in the Midwest during the nineteen fifties, my ideals were formed before I was smart enough to protest overmuch.  I learned that my parents were to be respected and my teachers were always right.   … Continue reading

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A Clinical Study for Alzheimer’s Disease

 Did you ever wonder what it would be like to participate in a clinical study for Alzheimer’s disease?  Maybe you find the aging process interesting and would like to learn more about how the brain changes as you age, or … Continue reading

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Still Alice … A New Look at Alzheimer’s Disease

At fifty years old, Alice—a Harvard professor–is at the top of her game…teaching, researching and giving talks all over the world.   Then she goes for a jog one day—in her own neighborhood– and can’t find her way back home.  Her … Continue reading

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A Faith Journey…From Separation and Divorce to Reconciliation

 Life is difficult.   Those words—the first sentence in the book The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck—were ground zero for me in 1989 as I began a new journey as a single woman.   I was drowning in a puddle … Continue reading

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Love is a Choice….Not a Feeling

My husband and I separated in the fall of 1988, divorced in 1989…and then remarried each other in August of 1990.    This was not then…nor is it now a normal cycle of events and in fact, when I tried to find … Continue reading

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A Journey To Truth

 One of the first things that Mary told me in 1989…as I began therapy… was that I had to find my truth.  I had no idea what she meant at the time, but I did trust and respect her, thus … Continue reading

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Relationships…How Men and Women Problem-Solve

Mike and I avoided problems for the first seventeen years of our marriage.  On the surface, things looked great.  We rarely yelled at each other and held all of our accumulated anger inside.  Whenever a problem would occur, we would … Continue reading

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A New Endeavor…Take Two!

 Since my last post about this topic, I have surprised myself with accomplishments.   As stated earlier, I am not a programmer and do not have one technical bone in my body.  It took me hours–too numerous to count–to figure out how to … Continue reading

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